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Welcome to the


Established June 26 2000

This is the site for the SlashCom egroups list. Friends, Caroline in the City, Spin City, Red Dwarf, M*A*S*H, sitcoms and comedy-dramas old and new. If it's not here we probably know where to find it. So relax, set a while, come into the world of slash comedy (scary isn't it?) - Y'all come back now y'hear.

Allo Allo

  • The Lieutenant, the Lance Corporal and the Wardrobe: by Romana - Listen very carefully.
  • Tomorrow: by Romana - a vignette between Helga and Yvette, from Yvette's pov.


  • Radishment and Ravishment: by CC Lyre - Blackadder The Third. Prince George has joined the Naughty Hellfire Club and found some interesting uses for root vegetables.
  • After the Push: by Dayjob - Blackadder Goes Forth. Saved from a certain death. Where does Captain Blackadder go from there?


  • Top, Middle and Bottom: by Elvichar - Richie is bored, Eddie is drunk.

    Caroline in the City

  • I Started Something I Couldn't Finish: by Cecilia J - Del has a secret.
  • Not a Matter of Choice: by Kirke - After the speech at the gay pride rally, Del has some explaining to do. Spoiler for Caroline and The Little White Lie.
  • Come to Me: by Kirke - Sequel to Not a Matter of Choice. After their fight Del and Charlie have some making up to do. Spoiler for Caroline and the Marriage Guidance Counselor.

    The Drew Carey Show

  • Seduction: Parts 1 3: by Scribe - Wick has suddenly developed an interest in Oswald. Is Drew going to help him out?
  • Seduction: Part 4: by Scribe - Wick's seduction attempts continue.
  • Seduction: Part 5: by Scribe - Wick continues his campaign.
  • Seduction: Part 6: by Scribe - Someone's a little bit hurt. Now we all know what that means don't we. Lewis gets involved this time.
  • Seduction: Part 7: by Scribe - The aftermath.

    Fawlty Towers

  • Lack of Understanding: by Elvichar - Basil Fawlty has reached yet another crisis point.


  • Finally: by Kirke - WARNING - major angst.
  • All by Myself: by Kirke - Prequel to Finally.
  • Friendly Persuasion: by Elvichar - How suggestible is Chandler?
  • Wonderful Tonight: by Elvichar - Spoiler for The One With the Proposal. After Monica has accepted his proposal (sorry but she did) Chandler suddenly panics a bit.
  • The Inevitable Consequences: by Elvichar - follow-up to Wonderful Tonight. Not really about Joey and Chandler this time. More one for Monica fans.
  • A Need to Know: by Nakeno. Just read to find out.
  • Letting Go: by Khylara. Poetry set after the last episode of the sixth series (where Chandler gets engaged).

    Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  • Six by Nine: by Elvichar - Ford and Arthur may not have found the Ultimate Question - but they do have a question of sorts.

    I Dream of Jeannie

  • She Just Wouldn't Understand: by Thesseli - The real reason Major Nelson doesn't want to marry Jeannie.
  • Best Kept Secret: by Thesseli. Follow-up to She Wouldn't Understand

    It Ain't Half Hot Mum

  • Whispering Grass: by Elvichar - It gets a bit hot in the jungle.

    Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)

  • Gone with the Wind: by Elvichar - Jeff misses Marty.

    Red Dwarf

  • Body Double: by Thesseli - When Rimmer and Lister swap bodies...
  • Back in the Red Part 3.5: by Thesseli - The boys are back in the Dwarf and Rimmer is alive - what next?
  • Hard Light: by Thesseli - Rimmer has a hard light drive. He can touch things.
  • Hearts in Jail: by Elvichar - Set during series VII. Lister gets to know the new Rimmer better.
  • Who's Bad. by Elvichar - After the episode Demons and Angels.

    That 70s Show

  • Sparks: by Cecilia J - The gang leave Eric and Hyde to their own devices.

    Total Security

  • I'll Never Stop (Until You're Mine): by Kirke - George gets a really unusual assignment. Part 1

    The Young Ones

  • Sex: by Frogmella Fiasco and Angela Basterd - There's a leak. Vyvyan and Rick are all alone.

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