Fandom: Total Security

Pairing: George/Steve

Rating: NC-17 (1 part PG)

Summary: George gets a *really* unusual assignment.

Disclaimer: Workers of 'Total Security' and 'Seven Palms'

aren't mine. They belong to Boccho and Bannon (I think...). I'm not making any money out of it. Fanfic is the highest form of compliment, so, don't sue me. PLEASE!

Thanks to Emka who gave me this idea and to One and Only El, who'd read that crap and even fixed all my mistakes. Love ya :-*

I'll Never Stop (Until You're Mine)


"You want me to what?!" George's eyes widened in disbelief.

"Frank, *please*, tell me that you are joking."

Unfortunately Frank didn't look like he was joking at all. Actually, he looked rather embarrassed (in these circumstances, could you blame him?)

"Georgey, I understand your... shock but we talked about this and decided that it's the only way."


Frank sighed "Well me, Luis and Steve."

"And whose *bright* idea was it, if I may ask?" George voice was oozing with sarcasm. He was probably the only person in the firm that could be shocked-beyond-words, deer-in-the-headlights and pain-in-the-ass at the same time. Or maybe it was just a gay thing. Frank didn't know and, honestly, didn't want to know. So, before the accountant could give him any more of that treatment he answered.


"Luis'???" George couldn't hide his surprise. He always considered the Seven Palmsí manager to be a very sober man, and this was everything but that.

Frank shifted uncomfortably in his chair. He felt that George's eyes were piercing him. He would give almost anything not to be the one to say this but thing like that just happened when you were the boss.

"Yeah, his. He said that you're the only one who can tame Steve's ...erm... behaviour."

"But I'm an accountant, not a detective."

"I told you, I can't make you to do this, but if you could just think about it... You know that I wouldn't even consider it if it wasn't safe."

"Can't Neville do it?" Asked George. But he already knew the answer.

Frank sighed again "No, he can't. Nor I. We are too known there. It'll have to be you and Steve."

George considered it for a minute. He always felt very responsible for the whole firm. He treated them like a family. Frank was their father and he, well, let's face it, he was a very demanding mummy. On the other hand, it just wasn't in his contract.

But could he just leave it? This assignment came from Seven Palms, their biggest client, and Luis was his friend. And when friend was in need....

Besides, Frank would never agree to it if there were any chance that something could happened to a 'civilian'.

He could answer only in one way. "Ok Frank. You've convinced me. I'll do it."

"You will?!"

"Yeah and it's even kind of exciting."

Frank stood up and came from behind his desk to stand next to George.

"Thank you," he said sincerely. "You know how much it mean for the firm. And for me. I hope you don't feel like I made you to do it."

George just smiled.

"I'm fine, Frank. I really am. Just give me a gun and I can go right now."

"I don't think a gun will be needed. Steve has one. And besides, it looks like that guy only attacks when they are alone."

"Eh, Frank, I want a gun to protect myself *from* Steve."

Frank chuckled. It looked like George had regained his good humour.

"So, you sure you'll be all right?"

"Yeah. Just keep this guy away from me."

"Which guy? The attacker or Steve?"

This time it was George's turn to laugh, "I think I'll go now, before I change my mind."

As George was coming out from Frank's office, he was joined by Steve.

"And and and... What did you said, Georgey?" The older detective asked impatiently.

"I said yes," he answered in his best leave-it-or-die voice.

"Oh, come on Georgey, it's gonna be fun. And don't worry about that guy, I'll protect you from him. I'll be your knight in shining armour."

George wasn't very amused.

"In your dreams, Wegman. And I swear if you touch me somewhere outside the hotel's lobby I'll break Your fingers."

The detective put his arm unceremoniously around the accountant's shoulder.

"Georgey," he started cheerfully, "you should smile more. It looks like for the next few days we'll be boyfriends and I don't like my boyfriends to be too grumpy."

George looked at Steve completely unamused. "Fingers, Steve," he reminded him flatly.

Steve quickly removed his arm but didn't back away.

"Oh, come on. Don't be so cold. Don't you love me any more? Oh, never mind. We have whole weekend to rebuild our bond again."

Saying this he pecked George's cheek and quickly, before the accountant could react in any way, ran toward the front doors.

"Bye sweetheart, see ya tonight!" He shouted and left the firm.

George felt like hiding in some small, dark hole. Almost all the Total Security staff- Geneva, Robbie, Ellie and Jody- were looking at him, their jaws practically hitting the floor.

It looked like only Frank and Neville didn't see the show Steve put on for them.

George, as fast as his dignity allowed him, went to his office - not once looking at his co-workers. He felt like killing Steve. He'd already started to regret his decision. He and Steve were never in the best relations, always trying to yank each otherís chain.

Not that he didn't like the older detective. It was just he *had* to make fun of Steve. It was so easy.


Jody entered her boss' and fiance's office with a very strange look on her face. Frank picked that up immediately.

"Something happened?" He asked worriedly

"Well, if You mean like Steve claiming his undying love for George right in the middle of the hall, then yes, something happened."

Frank couldn't helped it. He started to laugh.

"My God! He didn't..." He articulated between chuckles.

"Oh yes he did. Look I know it's their private business but what the hell is going on between those two?"

Jody was dying to know. Steve and George were always fighting, with words at least, and now *this*.

Frank motioned for her to sit on the chair.

"Nothing is going on between them, Jody. Well, nothing more than usual. It's just they'll be working on a case together."

"What? But George is accountant not a detective," she unconsciously repeated George's own words. "How can he be working on case? And with Steve?"

"Let me explain. You see, it was all Luis' idea. It looks like some psycho is raging about in Seven Palms. He picks up gay couples and beats them. He attacked three people - two women and one man. Neville is just questioning the last victim but you know that he has other cases. Anyway, Luis wants it kept quiet. The attacker is very smart, he goes only for one person at once. He may be an employee so we will set a trap for him. "

Jody couldn't believe that. It sounded so... absurd. It was California - things like that weren't supposed to happen here.

"And I assume, Georgy and Steve will be pretending to be a couple?"

"Yes. They'll lure him and then..."

"But what if something happened to Georgey." She was too nervous to let Frank finish "You know he isn't a detective. He can't protect himself."

"Don't be afraid. Steve promised to be near him 24/7. They'll set everything and then we do the rest. Besides, it's Steve that's supposed to be the target,George is just a..." he stopped, trying to find the right word.

"It's easy," He said finally.

Jody looked at him sideways. It was *never* easy. And with them...

"Frank, honey, they'll kill each other."

"Let's hope not before Monday."

end (for now)