Fandom: That 70's Show
Disclaimer: Well, they're not mine, that's for sure!
Rating: NC-17 for drug use, sex between two under aged boys.
Archive: Yes please!
Series/Sequel: Nope.
Summary: The gang is bored, but when Hyde and Eric get some time to themselves, sparks starts to fly...
Authors note: I don't know much about drugs, so please forgive the errors in my description of how it goes along...and I'm Swedish so have mercy on the grammar! Remember: Drugs are bad for ya!!!! Oh, so is unsafe sex. They're bad boys...


By Cecilia J

The gang was hanging out in Eric Foreman's basement as always. It had been an unusually boring Friday, and now that it was evening, it was still boring. Donna and Eric had had another fight in school, and none of them seemed to be sure whether they were still together or not. Kelso and Jackie had been fighting too, but that didn't stop them from making out, while the rest of the gang sat in almost complete silence. Fez was playing with a toy-cubical that Eric's mother had showed him, and Hyde was trying to come up with something to do. Suddenly, it was obvious to him. They should get high. Hyde was ready to suggest it to the guys, but then realized that the girls were there...shit.

"Is it just me, or is this soooo completely boring?" he asked loudly to get their tired attention. Donna only shrugged her shoulders and continued pouting over Eric. Eric himself though nodded in reply to Hyde and sighed deeply. He did NOT want to waste a whole Friday night with Donna glaring at him. Even Jackie and Kelso had gotten bored at making out with each other, and wiped their wet lips.

"Yeah we should like really do something," Kelso said, intelligent as always. Fez though didn't seem bored at all, while trying to work out the cube.

"Yeah well, I'm going home" Donna murmured as she got up, completely ignoring Eric, even if it in fact it was a hint to him to run after her. Which he didn't. When Jackie looked around the room and realized that she was the only girl, she decided to go to.

"Michael" she said harshly. "Are you gonna walk me home?"

Kelso grinned. "Do I have to?" Jackie did not appreciate the playfulness to his voice, and dragged him up from the couch.

"Let's go!" she said and pushed him quickly out the door.

Now, there was only Fez, Eric and Hyde left. Although Fez seemed to be in his own little world.

"So guys..." Hyde said, and stretched his arms. "How about a joint to brighten things up tonight, huh?"

Eric smiled. "Alright" But Fez didn't want to hear about it.

"Not for me. You always get so stupid when you do that." He got up from his chair and tossed the cube at Eric. "Tell your mother I really enjoyed her cube" he said with a big smile, and then left just as quickly as the others had. Hyde and Eric looked at each other, wondering what the hell happened.

"Well I guess it's just you and me then Foreman" Hyde said as he lit the joint. Not that he minded being alone with Eric; he had actually wanted it. Or at least get Donna out; he couldn't stand her nagging anymore. He moved over to the couch where Eric was sitting and offered him to take the first smoke of the joint.

Eric inhaled deeply, relaxed against the couch and handed the joint back. "Thank God they left" he said with sigh of relief. Hyde looked at him with a wry smile. "Oh?" Eric suddenly realized how it must have sounded and shook his head. "No, no! Not like that...they were just bringing the mood down."

Hyde nodded and puffed the joint. "Yeah, especially Donna. What's up with you two anyway?" Hyde asked, obviously without thinking first. Eric gave him a glare but didn't care to comment on his bluntness. He was right anyway.

"She's just...I don't know..." he trailed off.

"Bitchy?" Hyde suggested. Eric looked at him in surprise, but not in offense.

"Well...yeah...I guess, he said surprised, and then they both started laughing.

"You gotta admit that she is!" Hyde said and giggled, feeling that the joint had already affected him. Eric nodded and took the joint from Hyde's hand and inhaled once again.

"I can hardly remember what I saw in her...all the excitement and romance is gone" Eric said, sounding suddenly very serious and almost sad.

Hyde gave him a light pat on the cheek. "Ahh Foreman, I didn't know that you were an romantic!" Eric gave him the finger.

"Ohh...touchy..." Hyde teased again.

"There's nothing wrong about romance" Eric protested.

"I'm not talking about chocolate hearts and walks on the beach here, but more...about the... the..." Eric shut is eyes in an attempt to come up with the word he was looking for.

Hyde studied him closely. "The what?" he asked.

Eric continued thinking, looking like his brain was gonna pop at any minute, but then suddenly snapped his fingers. "Attraction!" he shouted. "The attraction...and the awkwardness...not knowing if the other person feels the same like you do..." Eric then looked at Hyde, wondering if he was even listening. Eric found him staring right at him.

"So that's what you and Donna lost? The attraction?" Hyde asked, with a small smile on his face.

Eric nodded slowly. "Yeah...I mean I still find her attractive, but...the magic is gone." Hyde continued his intense stare, and Eric had to look away now and then.

"No sparks?" he asked quietly.

Eric looked back and licked his dry lips before answering. "Aha. You ever felt like that?”

Hyde squeezed his eyes a bit. "What? Sparks or the void of sparks?"

Eric grinned and shook his head. "Either way. Ever felt it?" His eyes were locked with Hyde’s, but Eric was distracted for a second to see Hyde bite his lower lip.

"Yeah..." he finally said. "I've felt sparks. In fact..." he moved in closer. "I'm feeling them right now" They were only inches away, and Eric could feel Hyde’s breath against his face.

"Rr..really?" Eric stammered nervously.

"Aha..." a grin was on Hyde’s lips as he carefully pressed them against Eric's. Eric first leaned back; wondering if it was even real, but then immediately gave in as he felt Hyde's soft lips against his. Eric whimpered as their tongues touched and Hyde drew his face as close to his as possible.

The joint was already forgotten, lying on the coffee table, slowly burning away. Eric had been sitting curled up with his legs in the middle of the couch, but he was now on his back, with Hyde pinning him down. The kissing had become more intense, and they both speeded it up, wanting to taste more of each other. Hyde began pulling in Eric's shirt, and finally got his hand inside to touch his smooth chest. Eric moaned which made Hyde kiss him even harder. Soon they were both impatiently tugging each other's clothes, and Hyde reluctantly broke off the kiss.

"Take off your shirt" he said hoarsely to Eric, who followed his command. Hyde straddled his hips and bent down to lick Eric's chest as soon as he got the shirt off.

"You too" Eric said and Hyde quickly threw his shirt away. Their lips then met again in a desperate kiss, and both Hyde and Eric knew that this was they really wanted. Eric ran his fingers through Hyde's curly hair, which was surprisingly soft. Hyde continued his exploring of Eric, kissing his neck and then going lower and lower. When he got to his groin, Hyde looked up at Eric, as looking for permission to go further. Eric though, looked suddenly very nervous.

"I...'I've never done this before" he whispered. "Not with anyone"

Hyde smiled and moved up again to steal another kiss. "I neither" he admitted.

"So...what should we do?" Eric asked shyly. Hyde grinned and pressed his groin against Eric's. They were both hard.

"What do you want to do?" Hyde asked, and with only that made Eric shiver.

"I...I...don't know..." he stammered.

"So you're just gonna let me have my way with you?" Hyde said, half-joking, half-serious.

Eric chuckled at him first, but then softly stroke his face. "You lead the way." That was all Hyde needed to hear, and he once again attacked Eric's lips. His hands quickly found their way down to Eric's belt, which he unsuccessfully tried to undo. Eric decided to give him a hand and they broke the kiss and looked intensely at each other. When the belt and pants were finally undone, Hyde carefully slipped his hand inside, to touch his hard cock. Although this wasn't at all what Hyde had expected to happen, he enjoyed every single moment. He slowly began to stroke Eric, who let out a gasp of pleasure. The sounds that Eric was making, made Hyde even harder and he quickly slid a hand down his own pants and started stroking himself. They were both panting fast and Eric had to bit his own lip to prevent him from screaming out his pleasure. Hyde saw what he was doing and couldn't resist but to kiss him, which Eric gladly welcomed. The sensation of their bodies rubbing together, Hyde stroking them both and the intense kissing was quickly making them speed the tempo up. Eric pushed himself into Hyde's hand, begging to feel more. They were both reaching climax...but then they both heard a familiar voice. Too familiar. Panicking, Eric suddenly realized that it was his mother calling for him. He looked into Hydes terrified eyes and they both froze.

"Eric honey, are you alright down there?" his mother asked concerned outside the door. Hyde finally snapped out of the shock, and stood up, taking Eric with him. They quickly got dressed and made sure that everything looked like "normal".

"Eric?" his mother asked again.

Hyde picked up his coat and ran to the other door without Eric even noticing. When Eric then turned to see Hyde at the door, he felt sting in his heart. He didn't want to end it like this, with Hyde running away and then pretending that it never happened. But Hyde knew Eric too well and recognized the disappointed look in his eyes. Quickly, he ran back to Eric and gave him a deep kiss, before disappearing out the door. Eric looked after him with a goofy smile on his face, but was startled when he suddenly heard his mother coming down the stairs.

"Oh Eric there you are! Why didn't you answer me?" she asked.

Eric shrugged his shoulders, trying to seem as innocent as possible. "I was distracted I guess..." he said with a smile.

His mother let out one of those over-dramatically sighs of relief. "Oh OK. I just got worried there for a while. I'm sure that I heard some strange noises..." she trailed off, walking up the stairs again, and leaving Eric to his own private thoughts...about a very special friend.


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