Title: Letting Go
Author: Khylara
Fandom: Friends Joey/Chandler
Summary: This was inspired by the last scene in last season's finale.
Everyone remember the scene with the candles and Joey standing at the door? Right before he closes it, there's this sad little smile on his face. These are my thoughts behind that smile.
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Warning: It's poetry.If you're allergic to poetry, feel free to move on.
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Letting Go


You were never happy
With me.
Not really,
Not deep down.
What we had together
Was born out of
And loneliness
More than anything else
And we agreed
In the beginning
That it was only going to be
A temporary thing.
I was an idiot to think
It might turn into
Anything more.

But the longer it went on,
The more nights
We fell asleep
Tangled in each other's arms
The more my heart
Got tangled up
In you.
We've been roommates and friends
For years,
And lovers
For a few short months.
It's only now
When I know
I'm going to lose you
That I wish
It could've turned into
Something more.

Deep down
I was hoping
I could be the one
Who put that glow in
Your eyes,
That spring in
Your step,
That wonderful smile on
Your face.
How you look when you're with Monica
Was exactly how I wanted
You to be
With me.

But you never wanted
You never wanted
You and me
To become us.
Our affair was just because
We were both lonely
And needed someone safe.
No strings,
And definitely no promises.
Neither one of us thought
That someone
Might just end up
Falling in love
And getting hurt
When this was finally over.

It doesn't matter now.
Monica will be good for you.
You love her,
And she loves you,
And the two of you will have
A lifetime together.
She'll make you happy
In the way
I never could,
And although I know
It'll hurt
Seeing you two together
For a little while,
I'll get over it

Even though I love you,
You were never really
Happy with me,
And I'd much rather see you
Honest-to-God happy
With someone else
Than by my side
And miserable.

No matter what else
We became
In the few short months
We were lovers,
We were friends first,
And that's the way
I want it
To stay.

That's why
I'm letting you go.

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