Title: Come To Me
Author: Kirke
Fandom: Caroline In The City
Pairing: Del/Charlie
Rating: NC-17 - m/m sex :)
Archive: Slashcom, other- sure, but ask me first
Series/Sequel: sequel to "Not a Matter of Choice"
Spoilers: Right after "Caroline and the Marriage Counselor"
Summary: After their fight Charlie and Del have some making up to do.
Disclaimer: They belong to people they belong to. I'm just playing with them. Don't sue me. All You can get from me anyway is a cat (which I won't give up that easily BTW!)
Notes: Big !Thank You! for El who as always betaed. What would I do without You? And, that's for all of you out there- always use condoms while doing 'things'. There were invented for a reason.

Come to me

by Kirke

Del opened the door of his apartment and walked in followed closely by Charlie. Shorter man rolled his way into the living room and stopped in the middle of it. He looked at his companion with concern.

Del took his jacket off and sat down on a couch. He patted a place near him showing Charlie that he should sit down also.

"So, ah, you still hungry?" Del's voice cut through the silence, making Charlie shiver. He could feel his friend's uncertainty. What could they say to each other after all those hardened words? What was left to say?

/He wants to break up with me./ He thought, scared, /It's my fault. I was the one who wanted to go away, now he's just waiting for the right moment./

He didn't want Del to feel his fear so he just shrugged, "Nah. Not any more."

"Ok." Del looked at his watch and nodded, "It's too late for lunch anyway."

"Yeah, too late." Charlie felt that he was having a flashback. A month ago they were sitting on the couch in Caroline's apartment, trying to figure out what was going on. Now, even if it was Del's couch, the situation was almost the same. Neither of them knew what to say or do. They made it then but now it was different. They weren't just friends anymore.

Del was the one to speak first.

"Look, Charlie, I didn't mean that. When I told you that you were stupid... That was cruel of me. I shouldn't have..." He stopped seeing that his friend didn't move or do anything else.

That irritated him a little. He was never much into all that touchy-feely stuff, it wasn't easy for him to say sorry. He was really trying but it looked like Charlie didn't give a damn about it.

"Charlie, do you listen to me at all?"

"Of course I do!" The shorter man snapped angrily, "I *always* listen to you."

Del stand up rapidly and folded his arm together. "You didn't look like you were listening." Charlie stood up tpp,"well, maybe I'm just too stupid for that."

Del inhaled sharply and tried to calm himself down. Getting angry wouldn't do any good. "I told you I was sorry." He said slowly.

"No!" Charlie was on the verge of tears now "You told me that you shouldn't have called me like that but not that you were sorry."

Del wanted to say something he would surely regret later but the sight of Charlie's tears stopped him. He could never deal with that but it looked like he had to now.

Normally he would get out and let Charlie cool down but lately nothing was normal. Their relationship especially.

He took a step toward Charlie and hugged him. The shorter man cringed violently in his arms and started to sob. Del put his chin on top of his head and tried to calm him down.

"Shh. It was just a fight. Couples fight all the time." He started to slowly stroke his back kicking himself mentally. He had promised himself never to hurt him again and now he did. He felt like such an ass.

After few minutes Charlie pulled off from Del's grip and looked at the floor not sure what to say. He felt stupid for breaking down like that but the thought of Del leaving him was more than scary.

Del didn't know what to do either so he decided to go for instinct. He took Charlie's chin in his hand and made him to look up, straight at him. "I'm really, really sorry." He whispered softly "You are not stupid, just naive sometimes but in a good way."

Charlie smiled blurrily and whipped his eyes into his sleeve. "I'm sorry too." he sniffed, "I think I've overreacted a little. You know I would never leave the company... and you. I love you," he add shyly.

"I care about you too, Charlie. Come on. I think you need to wash up." Del took his friend's hand and pushed him to the bathroom.

Charlie got out from the bathroom a few minutes later, all neat and clean. He rolled to Del's bedroom, which was now, not officially of course, theirs. They'd spend there every night since that rough day almost a month ago when Charlie told Del about his feelings toward him.

Del was now lying on his bed reading some stupid financial magazine. He didn't even noticed Charlie till he sat down next to him and patted his friend's thigh. Del looked at him questioningly from above his magazine.

"You know. I think I *am* a little hungry," he smiled a little sheepishly.

Del just shrugged his shoulders. "We can order some pizza if you want to."

Charlie bounced and grinned "Sure!"

Oh no. Here was *the look* again. That innocent, childish one. Del could never resist it. It was like an aphrodisiac for him. He felt like a pedophile, getting horny at the sight of Charlie's immaturity but then, he was just a human.

Del put his magazine down and swallowing hard asked, "Charlie, could you take off your blades, please?"

His friend looked at him a little surprised but seeing that Del wasn't joking bent down and did as was asked. "Ok, I did. What now?"

Del grinned wickedly and grabbing his shirt pulled him down. With a surprised laugh Charlie landed on top of him but Del immediately rolled them over. Charlie's giggles were quickly suppressed by Del's tongue pushing unceremoniously into his mouth.

Charlie's returned the kiss like a drowning man. He locked his hands behind his friend's back making their bodies pressed together tightly. He slowly run his fingers to Del's shoulders and than continued his way up, until he buried them in his friend's soft, dark hair.

After few moments Del decided that he needed some air. He stoped the kiss and looked straight into Charlie's eyes. What he saw in them made him groan. There was no more childlishness in them, only pure lust, longing and passion beyond words. Very grown up.

Del pressed his lips to Charlie's again and then slowly moved a little lower until he was nuzzling his neck. Charlie let out a quiet moan and hugged Del even tighter than before, making his arousal more than obvious.

"You know," he gasped, "it's much better than pizza." Del licked an interesting spot on his lover's collarbone, "I was hoping you'd say that."

Charlie closed his eyes and let the sensation washed over him. It was amazing, sexual, sensual and the most important, it was Del - the man he loved so much it hurt sometimes. God, how many night he had dreamt about moments like that. He lost count long time ago.

Del, completely oblivious of Charlie's thoughts, stopped that little neck foreplay and started to remove his friend's shirt. He quickly tugged it from his pants and let his hands taste the skin under it. He could feel the soft skin and hard muscles beneath his fingers. It was truly an erotic combination.

Charlie groaned loudly and removing his hands from Del's hair started to unbutton his lover's shirt. Soon they were both naked waist up. Del, still on top of Charlie, started to suck and nibble the skin on his chest. When he had reached the nipple he could hear that Charlie sucked his breath quickly and grabbed the bedsheets in desperate effort not to scream.

Del smiled to himself. He loved doing that to Charlie. After a month of lovemaking he had learned practically every spot on his lover's body so he knew how sensitive Charlie's nipples were. In some strange way it was funny. If only few weeks ago someone told him that he would do it with another guy - namely Charlie - and enjoy it, he would punch him. Now it was all he wanted.

Seeing that Charlie was ready to cry he kissed his way down. When he reached the navel, he started to encircle it with his tongue making Charlie moan helplessly.

Deciding that they both had enough he unzipped Charlie's pants and in one quick motion pulled them down. He struggled a little to take them off completely and smiled when finally succeeded. He did the same with his own jeans and boxers.

Now, when they both were completly naked, it was Charlie's turn to fool around. He sat up and pushing Del down to the bed he bent down and started to lick his lover's earlobe. Del moaned and putting one arm around his waist crooked his head a little to give him better access.

Charlie, just like Del before, left the trail of wet kisses down his neck and chest but didn't stop at the navel, continuing his way down until he reached Del's manhood. He grinned to himself a little when he took it to his mouth. All the way down.

Del almost jumped when he felt Charlie's wet lips on himself. He thrashed a little on the bed when Charlie was giving him a blowjob of his life. Again. After month he still was amazed by Charlie's ability to do so. He definitely knew his way around. He remembered that first time when Charlie did this to him he nearly passed out. He had had to clench the sheets like never before. He still had to.

Coming in those circumstances was the only logic thing to do.

Charlie swallowed everything not letting one drop spill. That too intrigued Del. He always made such a mess.

Del closed his eyes for a moment trying to calm his breathing down. When he opened them again he could see that Charlie was lying on his side, with a very longing look on his face. It was Del's turn now.

Del kissed him deeply and pushing Charlie to his back did as was expected. Not that he didn't want to. It was very strange for a guy who had always considered himself straight but he enjoyed giving almost as much as receiving. Charlie was corrupting him in more ways than one.

He slowly swallowed everything he had to and laid down again. He felt tired and worn out. Having sex with Charlie always had this effect on him. In a good way of course.

Next to him Charlie sighed deeply with pleasure. "I love you, Del," he whispered quietly.

Del just smiled at him and closed his eyes again. His body was still shaking with leftovers. God, Charlie knew how to suck the life out of him. Literally. Lying in the dark with his lover just one inch away, he started to think about the things Dr Leslie told them this morning. Sure, that guy was nuts but he was right in one way - they were completing each other. How did he put that? 'Where one of you ends the second begins.' In some twisted way it was the absolute truth and Del had to face it. He couldn't imagine his life without Charlie. Now all he had to do was to tell him that.

He rolled over a little so he was now lying on his side propped on his elbow and looked at Charlie.

"Charlie, I..." he begun but then stopped suddenly. It was harder than he had thought.

His lover looked at him with concern, "Did something happen?"

Del shook his head, "No, no. Everything is fine. Could you say that again?"

"Did something happen?" He repeated slowly. Del was sometimes really weird.

"No, not that," he corrected him, "that thing you said before."

"Oh, I love you." He said like it was the most obvious thing on the world.

Del smiled to himself. Now he was ready, "Charlie, I love you too."

Charlie almost jumped out of the bed. "You do? You do?!" He nearly shouted. Del was surprised from where he took so much energy. He was exhausted.

"Of course I do. I'm sorry it took me a whole month to say that but it wasn't easy. You know I was divorced twice and than Caroline..."

His explanations were stopped by Charlie who suddenly decided to hug him really, really hard.

"I love you too but I though you don't love me 'cause you'd never said it and when we'd started to fight I thought you want to break up and so I didn't want to show you how much you mean to me and that's why I started to get angry at you and then I got so sad and..." Charlie stopped his monologue to get some air and Del used this moment to release himself from an almost deadly grip.

"It's... it's... fine, " he stemmed. He still felt a little shook up. "I love you. Really." Charlie smiled in his sweetest way that made Del's heart melt.

"And will you tell me that every day?" He asked a little shyly.

Del shrugged a little "Sure. Why not."

Charlie looked at him a little suspiciously "Even when we fight?"

"Especially then."

"Really?" He asked, still not fully convinced


Charlie grinned happily and put his head on Del's chest. Del reached out his hand and rested it on his friend's head. He could hear Charlie purring with delight. Del closed his eyes and slowly started to drift away when suddenly he heard Charlie's muffled giggles.

He looked down at him a little surprised. "Why are you laughing?"

"Oh nothing," Charlie giggled again "I just thought that we should fight more often."

Del rolled his eyes, "You really want to go through this again?"

"No. But I liked the last part." he admitted

"Well, we can always make up without fighting."

Charlie crooked his head a little, "Is that possible?" he asked surprised

"Sure... stupid."

Charlie sat up and looked at Del with feigned anger

"I'm not stupid!"

"Yes, you are."

"Am not."

"You are."

Charlie folded his arms together and pouted, "Now I'm mad at you."

"I'm *so* sorry," Del's theatrical concern was almost convincing "did I hurt your feelings? How could I *ever* repair that."

Charlie shot him a mischievous grin "I think I can make something up... Let's order some pizza!"


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